Carpet Whipping / Binding

Carpet Whipping/Binding

Here at Western Carpets, we offer the service of carpet whipping. If you have your own piece of new carpet which you would like turning into a rug, runner or doormat then we can do this for you. Within our Kenilworth shop, there is a carpet whipping machine which can whip around the edges of your carpet in a colour chosen by yourself, from our thread collection.


  • There is a minimum charge of £12.50 for basic whipping and squaring up of a piece of carpet.
  • The basic charge is £4.10/metre  (£1.25/ft), which is measured around the perimeter edge.
  • More complicated items, or circles, shapes etc have a minimum charge of £30.00.
  • Maximum whipping size 2.0 m x 2.0 m .
  • If the carpet requires chamfering there is an extra £1.30/metre (40p/ft) added to the cost.

Please note that we only accept new pieces of carpet to whip, as old carpet damages the machine.