Gaskell Wool Rich

Gaskell Wool Rich And Their Amazing Loop Pile Carpets.

Gaskell Wool Rich "offer a broad spectrum of design and colour options" within its carpet ranges. One such range is the Chevron, being made from 100% pure new wool. It has a herringbone design with a unique zigzag pattern in a loop pile carpet. There are many natural shades to choose from, as you can see from the photographs. They have beautiful clean cream shades, earthy browns and finally a darker grey.

Gaskell carpets come with a free 12 month Wool Owners Warranty (WOW!). With this you get free Wool Safe approved spot remover; a free visit from a WOW registered carpet cleaner; free telephone advice; free emergency spot removal call out service; and a free Wool Safe carpet stain cleaning guide app. So not only do you get an amazing wool carpet, but peace of mind over any accidental spillages.



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